The Journey Begins

Some months ago, I was working on a small writing project and in the process, I signed up for a writing course, with a published author, to help me organize my thoughts so I can “talk on paper” coherently – for the most part. I am also a travel agent and one day, I got an email from my host company asking for submissions to the question “How was your First Year as a Travel Agent” . Well, since college, I would never reply to an email asking for an essay. Like some, you think I have nothing to say, but with this writing class, I decided I can just write my experience, so I wrote a short essay and sent it in. Well, they liked it and more importantly I liked writing again – not for a grade, but for the sheer pleasure of it. (you can read it under my Blog section). 

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This got me thinking…. I should have a cup of tea…and start a blog. Well, I immediately jumped on the idea…..and had one (a cup of tea), then sat and simpered and waited, postponed, ignored, denied the possibility off, and then finally declared “I have decided –I am starting a blog” ….to no one in particular. 

It’s funny when you make a decision how the ideas seem to just appear, with no prior warning, they pop into your mind, practically fully formed– in the middle of a conversation, doing the dishes, driving somewhere. It’s as though  the act of making a decision was the hardest part of it all.

Allison Ali

The name for my blog, Write, Travel, Be  came to me spontaneously, right after my decision. I remember the day: I walked down the stairs, opened the coat closet, donned coat, hat and gloves and simply declared it (to no one in particular), it will be called “Write, Travel, Be.”  


Write, Travel, Be is a  blog like a personal sticky note to self to have the courage to:  tell your thoughts, follow your itchy feet – to the next pushpin on your map, and be present the whole time – even during your rememberings.